when you live in Thessaloniki

When you ask for a bougatsa in Athens and you get a whole piece of pie

The city center during the last day of the year

Tasting “Dafni” crepe from Lampros (at Nikiforou Foka)

When today each and every one of your friends, was posting photos from the new quay

Parties at Warehouse C during the Film Festival

What the cafe at the first floor of Olympion thinks

[compared to Dwmatio me thea (room with a view)]image

The day you find out that only the restaurant’s floor is moving on the tower of OTE, you will never see it revolving from the outside


When that downtown friend says:

-Dude! It’s Gounari street! Only the square is called Navarinou!


Realizing that in Resident’s, there is no mobile signal at all

When one of your friends propose to go to Tsarouchas’ for a soup after a long drinking night

Metalheads and trendy guys joining forces at Eightball’s disco parties


When someone says “sto snob” (στο: το snob) instead of “sti snob” (στη: η snob)


When you are walking around Ano Poli


When I found out on google maps that behind Appolwnia Politeia, there is sea